jewelry care

All Blu Jewellery is carefully selected with a lot of love. To remain unchanged, you have to take care of them properly, so that they will accompany you for a long time. So follow the following tips:

  • Avoid contact of jewellery with soaps, perfumes, creams, hairsprays and detergents. Remove them before washing hands and swimming.
  • Avoid their daily contact with water and the sun because their metal, color and shine can be affected.
  • Store the jewelry in its case. Do not store all the jewels together in one case as there is a possibility that they will be scratched or confused with each other.
  • Wanting to show you our gratitude, we offer you the possibility of repairing the products. Read more in the FAQs.


No, you don’t have to create a personal account in our online store to place an order. However, if you create your personal account, then some of your personal information such as email address, mailing address, postal code and contact number will automatically appear on the order form and you won’t have to fill it out every time from the beginning for each new order.

You can change your password and put a new one! You will enter in the category my account, you will choose to change password and after you fill in the email with which you have opened an account we will send you a link. You will click on the link and the system will ask you to change your password.

To change all or some of your contact information you can login to our website to click on the link “My account” and from the menu that will appear you can make the changes you want.

In case of an online order, you will be informed by e-mail. If your order has been placed by phone, you can be informed of its development by calling our customer service.

Returns of products are made within an exclusive period of fourteen (14) working days starting from the date of the deliver of your order. For the way of returning please read the relevant passage “Returns” of the General Terms of Use of our website.

Of course you can cancel your entire order and (if you wish) make a new order, provided that it has not already left us.

Please note that before sending the product to you, we have photographed it to ensure the quality of the product we send you in execution of your order. However, if you receive the product you ordered and find that it is defective (provided that the defect is not due to your fault and you have not worn it before beyond its original test, read about it in the “Returns” section of the General Terms of Use), then you can contact us (on our Customer Service phone) and return the product to us along with its packaging and accompanying records and we will replace it with new (if you wish to replace it and the product is in stock) or we will refund you the money corresponding to the value of the product within fourteen (14) working days of its receipt. In any case, you must contact our customer service department to tell us what you wish to do after the defective product is returned.

In case you need any repair on a product you have purchased from us please contact Customer Service to raise the problem. Our employee will give you information about the repair possibilities, the time it will take and the possible cost of it. If a problem occurs within 15 days of the purchase of the product, by showing the receipt we do any repairs free of charge, as well as we assume the shipping costs. Otherwise the charges of repair and expenses are yours.

All our products are sent to you through ELTA COURIER. For more information read the Shipping Ways.