Rings Sizes

How to measure your finger

When you try to find the size for your ring it is good to keep in mind that: 1. Your hands are probably not the same size. 2. Your “good” hand is usually a little bigger.

This practically means that if you know the size of a ring you wear in one hand it may not fit in your other.

A ring is preferable to be a little larger than normal rather than smaller. That is, if your count is between two numbers, you’d better choose the largest one.

Your fingers may be a little swollen during the day or on warmer days. Don’t forget to consider the size of the joints from which the ring should pass.

Below we recommend two ways to find the size of the ring you are interested in:

1st Way (Measuring the perimeter of the finger)


Wrap your finger with a thread to create a complete circle around it.
With a pencil mark on the thread the spot where it meets its tip.
Open the scoop or thread in a straight line.
With a ruler, measure the length of the thread in millimetres (mm).
Record your measurement and by looking at the table below find the size of the ring corresponding to your finger.

2nd Way (Measuring the diameter of a ring of yours)

If you have a ring you are already wearing and you are satisfied with the size and if the ring you want to buy is for THE SAME finger go ahead with the following procedure:

Put the ring on a ruler like in the photo.
Measure the net diameter in half without the material at the edges.

Record the measurement by measuring your length in millimetres (mm) and refer to the table below to find the size of the ring corresponding to your finger.